"Fine Art in Ballpoint Pen"
"Fine Art in Ballpoint Pen"


Quiet Reflectionz

A photograph I took while on an Artist Retreat in Elgin, Oregon. Met a fantastic photographer there that gave me some great tips, Patricia Knight, Patlee as the Indians call her.

I believe it’s not often that you can get a picture like this. A black horse standing on the edge of a pond with its reflection in the ponds soft ripples.

I had been trying for a couple of days to get pictures of the 4 horses around this pond. We had went to learn how to dig up rock onions the Native American way. I also grabbed a couple of pictures of two Cayuse Indian Ponies. While looking at those pictures on the way back to the cabin, my best friend, Angela said get the picture! I jumped out of the truck and got a couple of pictures before this horse walked away.




This photograph is called "Breakfast". It is a photo that I took of my dun gelding Tiny while he was eating breakfast. I love the contrast, angle and lines that created such a beautiful image.

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