"Fine Art in Ballpoint Pen"
"Fine Art in Ballpoint Pen"

Artist Statement

Robin is self-taught artist without any formal art education. She was lucky enough to enter a monthly contest online, where you could only use ballpoint pen for your medium. That was it….. She was hooked.


The ballpoint pen (BIRO) is now her medium of choice and she absolutely loves what she can do with the layers and pressures of using a ballpoint pen. Although she's partial to almost all wildlife, horses are her favorite subject.


Robin says, “What I would love to accomplish with my artwork is to draw people into my picture. It could be the tiniest detail that grabs that person’s attention….. and you're mine…. if only for a second.”

"Capturing life's essence through ballpoint pen"

The Jaguar | Ballpoint Pen | 2018
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